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Domain Registration Renew Transfer DNS Management Email Forwarding IP Protection Order
.com $12.71 $12.71 $12.71 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.net $11.22 $11.22 $11.22 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.org $12.03 $12.03 $12.03 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.biz $15.03 $15.03 $15.03 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.info $18.45 $18.45 $18.45 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.blog $29.28 $29.28 $29.28 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.ca $14.53 $14.53 $14.53 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.club $15.24 $15.24 $15.24 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.cn $8.82 $8.82 $8.82 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.co.uk $8.42 $8.42 $8.42 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.de $9.72 $9.72 $9.72 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now
.eu $8.62 $8.62 $8.62 $0 $0 $4.00 Buy Now

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Think of your domain name as a street address for your website. Without a domain name, you'd have to tell customers to visit your site at an IP-based url, such as, instead of yourwebsite.com. Not very memorable, eh? To be successful on the interwebs, you'll want to invest in a domain name to ensure your site has a level of professionalism, appropriate branding, and overall awesomeness.

As said above, a domain name is like your website's street address, whereas web hosting is like your website's actual home — where all the files, images, and other info actually lives. Your site needs both an address and home to be up and running, but they are definitely two different things.

To put it simply: yes, yes, and yes. To put it a little less simply: When your domain is registered, you're required to maintain a publicly viewable WHOIS database that displays all your contact details — including home address and phone number. This puts you at risk of spam and identity theft (yikes). Luckily, you can keep your info hidden from the public eye by opting to use HostGator's Domain Privacy Protection. Interested parties will still be able to contact you if they so please, but your identity will remain anonymous — aka super top secret.